For a quiet weekend or to recover from a night out: masks and eye contour patches

The weekend’s here. Are you ready? I’m sure you have a lot of plans. Maybe a concert, a dinner, a brunch with friends, a date, or stay at home and rest, disconnect in your micro world with your favorite series, the food you want and a more intensive beauty routine.

Whatever the plan, what’s not to be missed are Iroha Nature’s masks and eye contour patches. The eye contour patches are ideal before going out, while you make up, as they improve the appearance of that area that sometimes denotes our fatigue, but they are also great for recovering their appearance after being late. Sundays are usually a good day to devote to beauty in an intensive way.

If your ideal weekend idea is to stay at home, the masks act intensively on your skin while you do what you like best,whether it’s tidying up your wardrobe, watching a movie or doing nothing at all. In 15 minutes, the effect is visible and noticeable.

For example, the foil technology, in gold and platinum,are a blast. They reaffirm and illuminate your skin, while hydrating it.

And the rest of your body, not to be forgotten Occasionally, and better often than Easter on Friday, it’s OK to give your hands and feet extra care. Try the mask glovesfor softer hands and a better look of your manicure.

Tonight, while watching TV, replace your wool socks with socks that keep your feet always perfect. You never know when you’re going to have to show them. It’s only 15 minutes and the results are spectacular.

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