6 tips for beautiful hands all winter

Relieve dry hands with the right cream and mask

1. Take your hand cream always with you

Are you one of those who always carry hand cream in your purse, or one of those who don’t? If you’re one of the former, very well, your hands will thank you, since especially in winter they dry out easily. But if you are one of those who neither carry nor apply cream every day, you will understand that this is one of the main measures to avoid dryness.

Use a hand cream for dry skin is essential during the winter months. Some people choose to use a body lotion rather than a hand cream, but it is important to note that the skin on the hands has special needs and hand creams have been particularly formulated to meet these needs.

Hand and nail cream with cannabis seed oil helps soothe, repair and protect dry hands. This is a truly moisturizing formula, as in addition to cannabis seed oil, it is formulated with shea butter and spirulina.

2. Remember to moisturize the back of your hands as well

The back of the hands is particularly delicate, as the skin is much thinner here than on the palms. In addition, it has very little subcutaneous fatty tissue, so it usually dries faster than the inner part.

3. Apply an intensive mask at least once a week

Our gloves-mask is a practical and effective treatment to hydrate the hands in a more intensive way in addition to the cream.

The sauna effect that takes place inside the plastic glove impregnated with serum, promotes better penetration of the product into the skin by the heat.

4. Use gloves to protect your hands from the cold

Any barrier between the cold and your hands is welcome. If you wear warm gloves that protect your hands, they will dry out less.

5. Avoid hot air hand dryers

This method of drying your hands can be aggressive and dry them out too much. Therefore, it is better to choose paper or a towel when you go to dry your hands after washing them.

6. 6. Stop using aggressive soaps that remove moisture from the skin

When it comes to soaps, it’s best to choose formulas that are gentle on your hands, respect the pH and are as natural as possible. Thus, the sum of good habits will contribute to your hands not only looking better, but also keeping them better.

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