5 ways of pampering yourself these days

Getting ready (without leaving home) has never been easier. Start from your mind and continue with your skin.

1. Focus very much on your inner well-being, first

In order tofeel good, it is important that you find your emotional balance these days and this will be influenced by the activities you do and how you do them. Enjoy your home and your time in your own way. There is no written rule about this. You know yourself better than anyone else and you know what amuses you or what relaxes you. But without a doubt, something that is very good for the mind and the body is the daily practice of yoga. It is also important to sleep and eat well. You can create your own daily wellness routine, including a relaxing bath or shower.

2. Exercise your body and you’ll look great for the summer

Sport is good for body and mind. It releases endorphins, so you feel happier and also tone up.

Each person has preferences in terms of sports disciplines or activities that involve physical exercise: fitness, dance, Pilates… The best thing is to try everything until you find the sport that best suits you. And, of course, you can practice all of them (as many as possible at home).

3.Make time for your facial beauty routine, every day

Your skin needs extra care these days. It is important that you don’t forget this and that you don’t stop carrying out your daily routine and at least once a week, providing your face with extra hydration or specific benefits. If your skin is very dry, the ideal line for you is Her[b] with Cannabis Seed Oil; if you are looking for an anti-ageing treatment, we recommend our ampoules with retinol or the masks with hyaluronic acid.

4. Take special care of your hands so that they do not dry out

Hand hygiene to keep hands always disinfected and clean is key to preventing the spread of the coronavirus. In fact, when we return to the routine, it will be necessary to maintain the strict hygiene recommendations. However, the recommendation par excellence has consequences on the skin of the hands.

The hands are possibly one of the parts of the body most exposed to external aggressions. In this current period of prevention and disinfection, of excessive washing with soap or antiseptic gels with a high alcohol content, your skin suffers especially,it dries and shows itself unprotected. We recommend you to take care of them with the range of mask gloves for an extra hydration and repair, since they are enriched with active nutrients that will hydrate and repair intensely.

5. Discover an unknown hobby

It canbe painting, writing, cooking. Have fun and keep yourself entertained. Maybe when all this is over you’ll be an expert in something new and discover a talent that went unnoticed for you.

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