Hydrate and repair your hands at home

After so many washings and disinfections, these days, they dry out especially

The hands are possibly one of the parts of the body most exposed to external aggressions. In this current period of prevention and disinfection, of excessive washing with soap or antiseptic gels with a high alcohol content, your skin suffers especially, it dries and shows itself unprotected.

Our hands, but above all the hands of health professionals, delivery people, supermarket staff, and all those people who these days are carrying out more activity with protective latex gloves and are disinfected more often, suffer especially.

Therefore, to do our bit and help them in their daily lives, we have donated gloves and moisturizing masks to the hospitals of Barcelona: Clínic and Sant Joan de Deu.

For them and for all of you, we recommend our extensive line of hand masks to provideintense hydration to the handsand repair the skin barrier that is now affected.

We care about your hands.

For when your hands need extra moisturizing and repair, use our glove mask, as they are enriched with very nourishing actives that will intensely moisturize and repair.

These gloves are made from a Double Layer technology that creates a Sauna Effect to maximize results and increase the penetration of regenerating actives into the skin.

You know it!

1. Wash

2. Sanitize

3. Hydrate and repair

InIroha Nature we take care of the skin of your hands, let yourself be pampered by the hand masks.

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