Maintaining healthy, shiny and hydrated hair in summer is possible

Thanks to its rich composition of natural ingredients, the Sauna Repair mask cap achieves deep hydration and repair

As every year at this time, we begin to notice that our hair begins to be dehydrated, dry or weak, thus suffering the classic ravages of summer: the abuse of chlorine, sea water, heat and, above all, sun exposure. In addition, we add the fact that our hair arrives at summer weakened, dehydrated or dry, after the intense cold of the winter in which we have abused hair dryers and irons, moving away from the shiny and hydrated hair that we all look for.

These damages are so common that, surely, the first thing we do when we return from holidays is to go to the hairdresser’s to try to save the ends, to take a bath of hydration, to retouch the color or, definitively, to pamper our hair so that it returns to its natural aspect, looks healthy and alive.

Sauna Repair Mask cap

In order to avoid this situation, we present you with the solution for this summer, which allows you to pamper your hair from home, ensuring professional results, and avoiding classic situations such as extreme hairdressing appointments. The new hair mask for application at home, Sauna Repair, has a cap format and achieves hairdressing results in a few minutes. Thus, this hair mask produces the well-known “sauna effect” that allows its natural ingredients to penetrate better into the hair fiber, achieving deep hydration and repair, as well as preventing frizz and hair breakage.


Our hair mask is a finalist in awards

Finalist in the international beauty awards Pure Beauty Awards, it is composed of natural ingredients, free of parabens, such as Argan Oil, which has moisturizing and repair properties that help improve the elasticity and hydration of hair, an amino acid complex with highly moisturizing properties that help strengthen the structure, protect color and help repair damage to hair, and a plant complex that generates an extra heat effect, so that it helps to increase the temperature and activate blood flow.

In this sense, it is worth noting that thehair mask has a very easy to use mode that takes only 15 minutes, but with hairdressing results. Thus, after carrying out the usual hair care routine (washing, rinsing and lightly drying), the hair must be inserted into the cap and the adhesive adjusted so that the sauna effect begins. Similarly, to achieve better absorption of the product, it is recommended to massage the hair gently. Finally, after 15-20 minutes, you only need to rinse the hair with plenty of water. Afterwards, you only have to style it as you like and you will see shiny and healthy hair.

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