Relaunching our collection of facial ampoules with a renewed image

With vibrant colours and in new trendy formats, the Iroha Nature keeps its four references: two of flash effect and two of treatment

Made from recyclable plastic and with ingredients of natural origin, they keep their formula intact until the moment of use, are safe to transport and easy to apply

There are more and more beauty treatments available on the market, but facial blisters are undoubtedly the latest trend in facial care. These formats are a success in cosmetics because of their power and effectiveness when it comes to lightening, smoothing the skin or erasing traces of fatigue from the face, and are constantly changing and evolving, responding to the needs of increasingly demanding customers.

Attentive to this trend, we haverenewed the image of our ampoules with a new image and new formats for flash ampoules, which are now presentedin single-unit boxes. With new packaging, vibrant colours and current formats, we are maintaining the range of its four high-quality references, which contain a concentration of active ingredients that are more effective than the usual serums or creams. Thus, they offer immediate and also long term results with an excellent quality-price ratio.

The design of the ampoules retains its original colour, pink, as a symbol of support for women, empowering them from a beauty standpoint. At the same time, unlike others, they are made of recyclable plastic to collaborate, not only with the environment, but also to facilitate their use. In this way, it is possible to carry them in the bag without the risk of them breaking or being cut when opened. Its presentation, in small format,ensures that the formula remains intact until the moment of use, thus conserving its maximum effectiveness and guaranteeing the application of the right dose, without exceeding it.

The Iroha Nature range is composed of four references, two offlash effect, to achieve instant results, andtwo of treatment, which renew the skin in only 5 days:

1. Instant beauty ampoules

Beauty ampoulesIdeal for those moments when you need to get quick results before an event or special occasion. Its format is individual and it is recommended to use one ampoule per day, after the cleaning and before applying the facial cream.

Instant facial brightening and anti-fatigue effect

Thanks to ingredients such as aloe vera, collagen, organic silicon and hyaluronic acid, it transforms the skin in record time. It fills in, corrects and reduces skin irregularities Withsoft focusparticles for optical wrinkle erasure and greater luminosity. Provides a porcelain skin effect and acts as a make-up fixer. Suitable for all skin types, it is recommended to apply it in a punctual way.


Instant facelift

With Soy protein and hyaluronic acid as main ingredients, you get firmer and brighter skin in seconds.It eliminates the signs of fatigue and improves the appearance of expression lines, providing a more youthful skin effect Suitable for all skin types, it is recommended to apply it in a punctual way. It also acts as a make-up fixer.

It is a vegan product with 96% of natural ingredients in its composition.


2. 5 day cure ampoules

They are the perfect shock treatment, which renews theskin in 5 days. Ideal to complete the daily beauty routine in those moments when the skin needs extra care from the sun, cold or pollution.

Its format consists of 5 units, one for each day, to be applied after the facial cleaning and before the cream.

Antiox and moisturizing treatment

Powerful cocktail ofhigh quality active ingredients With bio-peptides, caffeine, active oxygen, hyaluronic acid and vitamins A, E and F as main ingredients, its instant revitalising power improves circulation, promotes regeneration and stimulates the formation of collagen in the skin. Recommended for normal and mixed skins, it is advisable to apply it day and/or night before the usual cream or make-up.
It is a vegan product with 87% of natural ingredients in its composition.


Pro-age and reaffirming treatment

High concentration of quality active ingredients,including Retinol (vitamin A) and sunflower seed oil. Its stimulating and regenerating action helps toreduce the negative effects of aging on the skin. Recommended for normal and dry skin, it is advisable to apply it day and/or night before your usual cream or make-up.
It is a vegan product with 96% of natural ingredients in its composition.


The secret of ampoules: why include them in your beauty routine

Iroha Nature cosmetic ampoulesare born as the ideal product in the beauty routine of a dynamic, active, urban woman who wants to take care of herself intensely, but does not have the necessary time. One of its many advantages is that they work immediately, and its fluid and light texture facilitates easy and fast application and absorption.
They are the perfect ally of the masks: the perfect beauty formula consists of complementing their daily use with 15 minutes a week of intensive and relaxing care thanks to the Iroha Nature masks.

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