So you can disconnect whatever your vacation plan

You can put into practice these disconnection tips that will also help make the return trip less stressful

You’re going on vacation. This year it seems you’re more eager than ever and your expectations are high. In view of the current situation we have found quieter plans that allow for social distance, which favours even better disconnection. By staying at home or close to home you can have fun and find alternatives to the big trips. In fact, this summer has seen people take advantage of the opportunity to get to know their own country or community better. But whatever the plan, you won’t enjoy it the same way if you don’t manage to relax and disconnect.

Tips for disconnecting and living in the moment

  1. Going on vacation with work issues on your mind is not a good idea, as it prevents you from fully enjoying the plans you have and even being focused on situations and conversations with other people. Therefore, it is essential that you solve all the pendingwork before you leave or start your free time. The days before the holiday you may be more stressed out than usual to get everything sorted out, but you know it will be worth it later.
  1. Digital detox will be good for you! We are generally too connected and have become dependent on technology, either for work or for our social habits. Putting your mobile phone aside for a few daysor hours a day will be beneficial in making us feel more relaxed. It goes without saying that if you have your work email on your personal phone, you should disable it or you will be receiving messages that can generate stress.
  1. Don’t plan so much and improvise more. A bit of anticipation of what you will do on your holidays is normal and good if you plan to see people or visit different places, but holidays are not about scheduling days but about letting them flow. Improvisation is a good idea for doing what you feel like doing when you feel like it without following the established script.
  1. Take good care of yourself inside and out. . For example, take advantage of the opportunity to eat well, calmly and without rushing, practice sport or move around in some way, ideally in the open air. These days of relaxation are also ideal for relaxing beauty rituals.

Spend 15 minutes putting on a mask

Face mask, foot mask, hand maskThe moment to take care of your skin can be really relaxing and if you do it relaxed the treatment will feel much better. The effect will be greater.

Come back without stress

Some people experience a sense of stress in the days leading up to their return from vacation because their head is already on the job and the responsibilities they had put aside. If this is your case, you may want to leave one or two days between the end of the vacation and returning to work.

And when you return, continue to enjoy the end of the day and the weekendbecause, even if you’re not on vacation, you can look for moments of disconnection that will suit you just fine.

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