Take a step forward into spring with Iroha Nature peeling socks

Its formula with glycolic acid and lavender helps to eliminate calluses and hardness and to obtain a smooth and hydrated skin.

The days are starting to get longer. Temperatures slowly rise. You can already smell the good weather. And, even if we still can’t leave the house, what better time than now to take advantage of our free time and get ready for summer a part of the body that we will expose a lot and that is usually left behind by personal care rituals: the feet.

The exfoliating mask socks with glycolic acid and lavender are the best beauty option to prepare our feet and are perfect for when we can go back to wearing sandals and climbing on our favorite heels. This treatment will help to relieve foot pain while allowing us to eliminate calluses and dead skin, the result of the daily wear and tear we expose them to.

Iroha Nature’s exfoliating socks have a concentrated formula of Glycolic Acid and other Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) that promote skin cell renewal by eliminating dry skin, smoothing out rough and cracked skin and deeply exfoliating calluses and corns. At the same time, they have a double layer technology that causes a sauna effect, ideal for maximizing results. You only need to put on the exfoliating foot socks for 90-120 minutes and wash your feet when you remove them. After 7-10 days the peeling will take place and the feet will be soft.

The ingredients in the peeling socks are the key to achieving effective results from the first use:

Glycolic acid: excellent exfoliating active ingredient that manages to penetrate deep into the skin, thanks to its small molecular size, promoting cell renewal and improving skin texture.

Lavender: regenerating, anti-inflammatory and anti-septic. Its soft fragrance favors a general and relaxing harmony.

Lactic acid + salicylic acid (AHAs): combination of acids to accelerate the natural exfoliation process of dead cells that cause unsightly corns and calluses.

Look perfect with the Iroha Nature foot mask.

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