The benefits of couples’ beauty routines

Practicing relaxing beauty routines as a couple has multiple benefits for the relationship

Beauty routines are a mustfor skin care. It is true that, in the rush of everyday life, it is difficult to comply with all the steps required for the health of our dermis. That is why the experts advise to do it in pairs, to motivate their realization. The necessary steps of daily care are simplified in mask type formats, which are faster and more comfortable.

Beauty routines as a couple are being increasingly promoted, since, among many, one of the advantages is thatit turns routines into rituals, providingtime for enjoyment, relaxation and quality for both. With the mask type formats, 15 minutes of relaxation are required while the product acts, these relaxing practices mean multiple benefits for the couple, since they cause the body to secrete oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine, the hormones of well-being, so it helps to strengthen the bonds of the relationship.

When sharing this ritual with your partner, it is important to know the differences of each skin type, so that each person uses the products that suit their needs. Iroha Nature has a wide range that responds to the main concerns and first signs of skin aging, as much for him as for her, these are: dark circles, dehydration and wrinkles.

Specific for men is the Anti-Fatigue Tissue Mask, which fights the signs of fatigue and dehydration, leaving the skin relaxed and soft thanks to its vitaminized ingredients. In addition, for greater effect, we recommend complementing it with the Patches for the eyes contour area that thanks to its main ingredient of Vitamin C, help to diminish the signs of fatigue and to correct the lines of expression. The result of this combination would be a revitalized skin and a fresh look.

For her, although they can also be used by men, there is a wide range of masks that respond to the main aesthetic and skin care concerns, such as the Foil Hydra Firming Mask with 24K Gold, which achieves a sauna effect by enhancing the firmness and hydration of the skin, or the Foil Hydra Illuminating Mask with Platinum, which achieves greater hydration and luminosity in the skin. With this mask, a radiant face is achieved in a matter of minutes. All of them can be combined with eye contour patches, such as the FOIL Patches for eye contour. These foil tissue patches with 24k gold help improve the appearance of the skin in the eye area, improving hydration and firmness.

Thanks to the mask type formats the routines become experiences and moments that you will want to do every day when you get home. These beauty practices as a couple are increasingly promoted thanks to their surprising and immediate results in the dermis and the benefits they bring to the couple’s relationship.

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