The effects of confinement on your skin: acne, diminished radiance and lack of firmness

How to combat them, during de-climbing, with the peel off mask

Food, mood or any aspect that affects our environment, has an immediate effect on our skin as well. That is why this exceptional situation we are experiencing has consequences on our face, such as the appearance of pimples, loss of luminosity and lack of firmness in the skin.
To avoid this, it is essential to maintain our beauty routine to keep our skin in good condition. Much has been said about the recommendations for maintaining routines for sleep, food, sport, why not maintain the routine for your skin as well? That is why we propose some key facial masksto combat the effects of confinement on your skin, which will allow you to obtain professional results in just 15 minutes.

Bring joy to your skin with these brightly colored masks

Our first recommendation of the beauty routine for these days goes hand in hand with the Peel off Talisman Shine masks, ideal for removing cells and cleaning the skin of the face. It is the perfect peeling to get rid of blackheads, keeping the skin soft, clean and healthy. In addition, they act in the well-known “T Zone” eliminating shine. With these face masks, the appearance of the first expression lines is also delayed. There are three facial masks differentiated according to the needs of each skin:

Confidence facial mask – Anti-blemish:

Helps reduce imperfections and prevents the appearance of blemishes, thanks to its cleansing action. Some of its ingredients are pearl and collagen. Ideal to prevent the appearance of acne during confinement.

Joy Facial Mask – Pore Reducer:

Reduces pores with its cleansing and antioxidant action on the skin, for more uniform and luminous skin. Its star ingredients are grapes and grapefruit. The face mask allied to get morelight on your skin while the enclosure.

Love Facial Mask – Deep Cleansing:

With deep cleansing action, it reduces excess oil and cleanses the pore. With Aloe Vera and Asiatic Centella.

The most sophisticated proposal, face mask with 24K gold and platinum

Another day, we can fight the lack of light and firmness in the skin with these Peel off Masks from the Divine collection, which will give us an extra luminosity and firmness to the skin:

Peel off Gold 24K Firming Mask:

this facial mask helps toimprove the skin’s firmness and elasticity, while minimizing the appearance of pores, for soft and clean skin. This facial mask helps to combat possible sagging.

Peel off Platinum Illuminating Mask:

it has the property of providing the assets of platinum and hyaluronic acid on the skin while it dries, until after 15 minutes it is time to remove it, as if it were an adhesive film, and check the illuminating results and its ability to remove impurities. Finally, with this mask we would provide our skin with the light that we may lack due to the confinement at home.

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