The Iroha Nature face masks, protagonists of the beauty box recommended by the “La Resistencia” program for quarantine

La Resistencia, in which the girls of the Skam series were interviewed, they recommended a beauty box for the quarantine, with diverse products, among which was the Iroha Nature Detox Tissue Mask. These days, when we spend more time at home, we recommend that you take advantage of them to take care of yourself and spend more time on yourself. Especially face and hands, which dry out with the use of alcohol-based disinfectant gels.

Face masks, eye contour, some of our recommendations

Being at home without the possibility of going out can generate stress or anxiety that translates into impurities in our face. The Iroha NatureDetox Tissue Maskconcentrates all the benefits of active carbon to cleanse, purify and moisturize the skin.

Possibly one of the parts of the body that suffers most during quarantine are the hands. If they are washed with disinfectant gels with a high alcohol content, they are probably drier than usual. We recommend the gloves Hand and Nail Mask that have a unique combination with Aloe Vera, Korean Ginseng to improve skin microcirculation, stimulating collagen synthesis, Natural Extracts, Silicilic Acid that helps to reduce inflammation in the affected areas in cases of extreme dryness and, of course, the Cannabis Sativas Seed Oil.

Another alternative proposed by Iroha Nature for excessively dry hands is the peach repair gloves, as it promotes cell regeneration and reduces the fine lines of dry skin. In a practical moisturizing glove in double layer format, with impregnated tissue inside and protective outer layer, which favors a fast and deep absorption of natural active ingredients.

Another of the effects that can produce the confinement is insomnia and that is reflected in the face with more pronounced dark circles, thanks to the patches anti-fatigue with Vitamin Cof the mark helps to combat the signs of fatigue improving the appearance of bags and dark circles thanks to its moisturizing, anti-edema and unifying properties of skin tone.

Another area that can suffer the consequences of confinement is the hair as we neglect it while we are at home. In this case, they propose the SAUNA REPAIR hair mask,, in cap format, composed of argan oil and a complex of vegetables and amino acids, which will nourish and repair damaged, frizzy or dull hair, so that whatever the hairstyle, you will have perfect hair. The sauna effect of this hair mask achieves, in a few minutes, deep hydration of the hair so that the hairstyle shines from the outside and from the inside.

Last but not least, since the time of confinement will be more or less long, why not anticipate the spring and take care ofyour feet with the range of socks mask. They act in depth, repairing, softening and protecting dry and cracked feet. You can find them made of argan, peach or mint. For this occasion, from Iroha Nature we recommend the one made of peach or Hemp. We have exfoliating socks that contain glycolic acid and lavender. The treatment lasts several days and in this case it is recommended to use it in the months when the feet are not uncovered, ideal for quarantine.

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