The perfect cosmetics for traveling

Since in 2006 airlines limited the millilitres of cosmetic packagings that could be carried on board, many of the cosmetics that passengers started carrying were limited to reduced versions, samples or products of low quality made only for the days of travel. But in recent years we lived a real “boom” of the travel formin premium firms, as well as the birth of products thought by and to be used especially by travellers, who have given a twist to the ideal travel cosmetics.

One of the beliefs of someone that should not convince us is that the travel kit does not have to be up to the standard of the dressing table. Yes, more o less! as our skin is often subjected to more unfavourable conditions during travel, such as dehydration on the plane, need for sun or cold repair, uncontrolled feeding etc.

Single-use products are your ally when you travel

The limited space we have when we travel sacrifice part of our luggage, but we already know that it is better not to skimp on skin care. When boarding the plane, it is important that we also consider our skin. Avoiding makeup, moisturizing before flying (or during the flight) and drinking water or moisturizing juices can help our skin not suffer the change of environment.

Don’t do without beauty products just because you don’t have enough space.That’s no excuse because we have the solution. We propose you to discover the perfect single-use products so that they can fly with you to any part of the world. Masks, eye patches, hand mask gloves,foot mask,hair mask…

You can go on plane or on train with your hand mask gloves on, your eye patchesor any of our tissue masks. Optimize your time while caring for your skin and reach radiant your destination.

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