This summer you will spend it showing your feet all the time

They will be so soft and beautiful thanks to the, socks mask that you will spend the day barefoot or in sandals

If you are not already on vacation, you may be wishing. Summer is the time most expected by all, whatever the plan and although this year requires more precautions when it comes to social life.

New sandals, walks on the beach, going barefoot around the house, are some of the pleasures of the summer season and in all of them the protagonists are the feet. As they are more exposed to sea salt, chlorine from swimming pools or simply outside, they dry out and are more likely to crack.

To prevent this from happening and repair it before it’s too late, there are the intensive hydration socks mask, which are so easy and pleasant to wear, that you’ll want to put them on every day. Just know that one day a week may be enough, but we leave it up to you. Try all the mask socks. The socks mask by Iroha Nature

The socks mask by Iroha Nature

For those who love fresh and fruity smells, we recommend the repair mask socks with peach, grapefruit, urea and vitamin E. They repair and regenerate the skin, providing extra moisture to the areas that need it most, such as the heels. All its ingredients have a powerful antioxidant action and help cell regeneration, providing firmness to the skin

With a pleasant mint smell, the relaxing socks mask are perfect after the long summer nights, almost always over a pair of heels With ingredients such as mint and tea tree, they moisturize and relax the feet, providing an instant feeling of comfort. They help to relieve accumulated tension and provide a pleasant cooling sensation thanks to the mint.

Nourishing socks mask care for and moisturize the skin with argan and macadamia. They are composed of a professional formula to nourish and repair. The argan helps to regenerate the skin and has an antioxidant effect, the macadamia softens and calms the skin. This foot mask is ideal for dry and hard feet.

The newest and most ideal for very dry feet are Hemp’s repair socks with cannabis seed oil, which also contain other ingredients such as Korean ginseng, urea, aloe vera and natural extracts. They intenselynourish and repairyour feet. They help to improve the appearance of corns and calluses while you relax with the treatment.

This summer, your feet will be more beautiful and softer than ever from July to September. And ideally, you’ll be able to keep up your care routine beyond the summer by putting on an occasional pair of socks mask. Because, even if you don’t show your feet as much, you see them and you want to keep them well cared for. If you haven’t already started, today is a good day to pamper your feet!

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