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Veganism has become, for many, a way of life. Veganism has become, for many, a way of life. This philosophy of understanding the relationship with our environment has also been transferred to the field of cosmetics, giving rise to the existence of many vegan cosmetic products. This category is characterized by not including in their formulations any type of ingredient that comes from an animal source and, as a rule, they try to be respectful of the environment and the surroundings. Whether we are vegan or not, it is important to know that this does not make non-vegan cosmetics any worse. In fact, there are a variety of animal-based ingredients that are wonderful for the skin, such as collagen.Having said that, we have to understand that what makes us choose vegan products, or not, is our life philosophy and preferences as consumers.

What is Vegan cosmetics?

These products are composed of non-animal ingredients. This does not mean that the vegan product is natural or that it does not contain ingredients obtained from chemical synthesis. The term vegan is simply a cosmetic alternative for people who discard using any animal-based compound, without being precisely opposed to the naturalness or the absence of ingredients of synthetic origin.

When a product has the qualification of “vegan” it means that it does not contain ingredients of animal origin. The most common ingredients in cosmetics that are not used in vegan cosmetics are collagen (which comes from fish skin waste), beeswax or animal milk products, among others. Many people associate vegan cosmeticproducts with cruelty free, assuming that the rest are not or have been tested on animals. However, just because a cosmetic is vegan doesn’t mean it hasn’t been tested on animals.

When in doubt, we tell you, the products of Iroha Nature have not been tested on animals in any case. All All our products, both vegan and non-vegan, are cruelty free. The Animal compounds are extracted from waste (not exclusively obtained for use in cosmetics) as in the case of marine collagen.

IROHA NATURE’s commitment is, has been and will be, to ensure that no ingredient used in our products has been harmful to a living being and therefore, we only use those cruelty free ingredients, such as marine collagen, extracted from fish parts that are themselves inedible waste from the food production chain.

Under this premise, at Iroha Nature we understand veganism as an option, not an imposition, and therefore we offer our customers a wide range of vegan products, but also formulas that are not.

Benefits of Vegan cosmetics

Vegan cosmetics allow you to live in tune with your life philosophy and your beliefs about our environment, without giving up the best of cosmetic treatments. To live committed and beautiful, also in our facial care routine.

Some vegan cosmetics can also be very natural. It has been proven that the naturalness of cosmetics and their ingredients make creams more dermocompatible and that natural principles and extracts are more easily absorbed by the skin.

However, we must be careful with those skins that have an allergenic tendency because the natural essences and plant extracts contain a large number of components present in the plant, the so-called allergens, which can cause some unwanted reaction in those people who are more prone.

At Iroha Nature we work daily to offer products that have a natural origin as high as possible (sometimes up to 98%) but always watching over the integrity of our clients’ skins. Our expert formulators seek a balance between natural and synthetic to offer the maximum naturalness with the least risk of adverse reactions to the skin.

IROHA NATURE vegan products:

  1. Allow you to live by your beliefs in your beauty and facial care routine as well.
  2. They watch over the integrity of our consumers’ skin, providing transparency and looking for the best balance between naturalness and safety.
  3. They do not use animal testing, so they are respectful of the fauna of our planet.
  4. As they contain a large amount of animal origin ingredients, they ensure good dermocompatibility and absorption with the skin.
  5. Contrary to what you may think, they are affordable products for all pockets.

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