What is the best gift for a mother in times of confinement?

Mothers deserve everything. Show yours how much you love her!

These are weird days. Some are spending them in the same house as their mothers, others far away… But be that as it may, distance also brings them together and details are valued more than ever. And if you are together, better than better because you can share time and experiences together on a day as special as Mother’s Day, which will coincide with us being at home without being able to go out.

In Iroha Nature we have prepared a list of gifts that your mother, no matter how old she is, will not forget. All of them are gifts that she will make the most of during the remaining days of confinement.

1. Let’s start with a beauty gift

These days you have more time than ever to take care of yourself If you are alone, it will be one of your favorite entertainments and your skin will be radiant. If you are lucky enough to be with her, it is perfect to share a day of laughter and mother-daughter care.

Colored face masks for fun and also clean and exfoliate the skin

Tissue and foil face masks for deep hydration

Mask glovesfor hydrated hands

2. A journey through a good book

On days like these, a book is the best adventure. Getting hooked on a fascinating story can be the best of gifts.

3. A yoga mat for your online classes

For health and fashion, yoga is causing a sensation in this confinement. There are many experts and influencers who give online classes that can be seen through Youtube or Instagram. But to do it well, you will need a mat.

4. Subscribe to Netflix so that you don’t miss out on what to watch

If she’s not already subscribed, give her the push and help her join content rich platforms like Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime. We don’t intend to advertise them, but… what would become of us so many days without their help.

5. A cake made by you

The icing on the cake of gifts, and never better, is to make a delicious and loving dessert yourself to sweeten her day.

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