Your skin deserves this bit of extra winter care

Tissue masks, eye contour patches and sleeping masks are celebrity favourites this winter.

The winter cold dries our skin out, so it’s up to us to give our face, neck and hands a little extra dose of moisturisation. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen and cannabis seed oil can save us. Tissue masks, mask gloves, night masks and patches that very carefully treat the eye contours are the keys to being more beautiful than ever during the winter season.

This collagen mask will help you prevent the negative effects of ageing for more moisturised, elastic, soft and glowing skin. Its innovative 100% cotton tissue will give you a pleasant feeling of comfort with quick absorption of the active ingredients.

One of the cosmetic products that has revolutionised women’s daily routines because it is highly moisturising and works while sleeping is the Her[b] overnight face mask with cannabis seed oil line.. Influencers of the likes of Ana Moya and Anita Matamoros have already included them in their beauty rituals along with the cream from the same line.

Weather conditions, fatigue, stress and a lack of good sleep directly affect one’s look. That’s why Rocío Osorno (among others) trust in our patches when getting ready for an event so they can shine with their looks, especially during the holiday season.

Rocío Osorno prefers our 24k gold and collagen patches and mask. These patches, along with our platinum and hyaluronic acid , ones, are a beauty secret widely shared by celebrities in their Instagram stories.

Hands suffer so much in winter, so you have to care and pamper them more than ever so they don’t crack. Besidesusing hand lotion several times a day, it’s a very good idea to give them a little extra indulgence with intensive masks each week. We recommend trying mask gloves with cannabis seed oil. They’re super moisturising.

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